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Societal Pressures

It always seems that we’re pressured into doing things we have no desire in our hearts to do. These pressures can come from our own expectations that conflict with reality, or simply the pressures of society. The latter seems to dictate more than we realize. The biggest difficulty is when your goals and dreams counteract societal norms. This type of situation can be most challenging as it lacks a support system. Below are some of the societal pressures I’ve personally faced, and how I overcame them.

At your age, you should be….
This is the most annoying one, as everyone seems to have the perfect advice for your life. Who created these guidelines of where I should be at a certain age, and why? I am truly a believer that age does not define anything you hope to achieve in this life. Only you can do that. When people come to you looking to dictate where you should be at your age, kindly thank them for their advice but let it be known you choose to live Your life on Your terms.
What you should be doing with your life
I believe we unintentionally place our expectations of our unfulfilled hopes and dreams on others; when we feel that our own personal a dream can no longer be accomplished. It’s not intentional or something that stems from envy, it’s a natural law that people who love you want to see you accomplish great things. But sometimes their definition of greatness is fuelled by their own desires. Learn to distinguish what your heart desires to achieve from that of the people who love you. For if they really love you, they’ll recognize their error and only wish that your personal desires are fulfilled.
How you should view life
Everyone has an opinion, myself included, about everything. I personally combat unleashing all of my opinions by only dispersing it out when it’s requested. I realize my views are one-sided, as people internally have a ton of emotions going on inside of them that dictates their view. Everyone does not see the world of opinion giving as I do. This is where self-awareness is essential, as you’ll be susceptible to how the masses think you should view your life rather than how you view it. There is nothing wrong with receiving advice in times of uncertainty, but the direction of your life must come from within yourself.
The pressures of society will always be present, but if you want to fulfill dreams that differ from the norm you have to get used to sometimes standing alone. There is no need to justify your views or spend your time trying to convince someone of your viewpoint. We are all granted one life, let’s not waste it on trying to conform to acceptable norms of society.

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