The Art of Patience
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The Art of Patience

I used to think that patience was one of the easiest things to develop. Wrong you say? Definitely. Patience has been difficult for me to manage as I’m a strong-willed person, so I always assume that if I work smarter and push harder I’ll inevitably achieve the outcome I hope for. Life has shown me that my will cannot open every door I seek, and patience is required to achieve certain goals. I now view patience as an art form I seek to master. I’ve listed some of the key influencers that help to increase my own level of patience:


Timing and patience are best friends. You cannot have a high level of patience without understanding that timing is essential for things to come to pass. I realize that my timing conflicts with the powers that be all the time. I set a date, I put in the work, so I expect the results (insert comical laughter). But that doesn’t always happen. After suffering numerous disappointments I’m still learning that timing is the key to it all. You can push and shove as much as you like, but if the timing is not right there is nothing you can do about it. Coming to grips with this will directly affect your patience level in a positive way as you understand that one can not operate without understanding the other.


In order to have a high level of patience, you must focus on staying patient. Just like anything else, focus requires practice. We can do certain things to increase focus on our patience level by simply not allowing certain things to agitate us to a level of frustration. Understanding that you can only control your personal actions will allow you to see the frustrating situation in a different light.

When certain things aren’t meant for you

This is one that’s pretty hard to process, as life tells as if you want something just work a little harder. But sometimes certain outcomes are just not meant for you. We all have limitations and we can choose to focus on them or our strengths.

I firmly believe it’s not meant for me to be an Olympic track athlete as my family has a horrible history of knee issues. I’m sure if I was really passionate about it I could push myself to the limit by taking different substances to change my fate, but eventually, the natural order in life will let me know this calling was not meant for me. I think we can change this by focusing on our strengths while acknowledging our weaknesses. We’ll save ourselves a ton of frustrating times by understanding that certain things just are not meant for us, or it’s just not meant for us right now.

Learning to enjoy the present moment of the day, hour, and second is a great way to combat impatience. Understanding that whatever is meant for you will be, as long as you put the effort in. When you view your life in a new light by showing gratitude of the present moment your patience level increases. You began to realize that the effort you’re putting in may not materialize the way you envisioned it, but it will come together.

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