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The Path to Resilience

2017 has brought more twist than any of the past few years in my life, but I love it all the same. I’ve learned to embrace the turns that life brings by being adaptable. Being adaptable has helped me to free myself mentally from the past by placing my focus on the present moment. In difficult times I don’t allow myself to sink into stubbornness, as my only focus is to become more resilient in the present moment. I’ve learned to embrace the emotion of uncertainty rather than fight it. Becoming comfortable with uncertainty is the key to growth. I also recognize that resilience is not a natural quality for most people, but it can be taught. How can you tap into the resilience inside of yourself? I’ve outlined a few steps that have led to increasing the level of resilience internally.


Discipline is one of those things that never gets old. It requires daily, weekly, and sometimes hourly work. Discipline can be developed in many forms, from exercise to eating habits. It’s created when you learn to stretch yourself to complete a task when the initial desire has faded. It requires a strong mind linked to a strong will, compiled with an even stronger desire to accomplish a goal. I personally choose the path of exercise. And believe me, there are days I’d like to skip the activity, but I push myself beyond the feeling of laziness to achieve the results I desire. I know if I can get beyond the first few minutes of laziness I can complete the task.

Learn not let your wounds cripple you

Our memory is the best thing we have, but it can also be our worst enemy. We have to learn to let go of the past and move toward a level of growth. I’ve worked to develop a selective memory, and it’s been life changing. I realized that I don’t need to remember every little thing from the past, especially when it doesn’t contribute to my growth. You have to learn to separate the good memories from the unhealed wounds. Yes, wounds remind us of where we’ve been, but unhealed wounds will surely slow our growth.

Releasing self-doubt

This is a tricky one as it requires a strong connection with your internal self. Your mind is a powerful weapon that can be used to make you stronger or weaker. Learn to control the messages you send it, and don’t be afraid to self-correct. Personally, when I recognize that I’m sending a message to my mind that increases a level of self-doubt, I tell myself to Stop It. I then make a positive statement that counteracts the negative one. I prefer to always leave positive thoughts of a situation on my brain, rather than let a negative one linger.

Become immune to words

This directly correlates with learning not to let your wounds cripple you. Learn to be selective of the words you hear that build a house internally in you. My Grandfather had the great misfortune of having selective hearing, and I used to think that was horrible. I now view it as a major plus in our current world. In this day and time, we’re presented with loads of opportunities that let the words of others directly affect us. Learn to become immune to the words that mean you harm rather than good. People say a lot of things, but you control what lives inside of you.

In essence, resilience is the first step to manifesting success. You can’t reach your goals if every little wind that blows knocks you off course. Learn to persevere even when the rain hits your eyes. The sun always shines, even if some days it takes longer to see it.

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